Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Care and Feeding of Your Aspie: Part 58 - My Tummy Hurts.

As I have migrated "The Care and Feeding of Your Aspie" to my personal server, this entry can now be found HERE.


  1. Heya. Another Aspie I know had something similar to the 'throat spasm' you described a few months back. Can you link me to some more detail on this particular issue? She said it was like an asthma attack, but she has never had any other association with asthma before or since. She gets a funny stomach from bread (carbohydrate), so perhaps this is the cause?

    1. I really don't have much information on the throat thing... Like most of this series, it is a collection of personal experiences that I research and work through... the only reason that was mentioned was because it has come up in passing in conversations on boards with Aspies... Since we are pattern seeking machines, I noticed a correlation, However, I have found little in the way of literature that mentions it.

      If there is an upset stomach with carbs, there is a good chance that the fauna in her gut are out of balance. There are some simple Rx treatments that can help fix that. Please discuss the possibility with her doctor. If the doctor is worth his salt, he will test... if he refuses to test, I suggest a new doctor... A doctor who does not listen to those with special needs, does not need us as patients.