Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Care and Feeding of Your Aspie: Part 55 - You think YOUR teen years were hard.

As I have migrated "The Care and Feeding of Your Aspie" to my personal server, this entry can now be found HERE.


  1. Hi there!

    Found your blog really interesting, but one thing is bugging me tough and I tought I'd say it .. Every link in the right menu begins with "Care and feeding of your aspie:" and, therefore, there is no way to see the title of the article -_-
    As someone who just started reading i'd like to choose subjects that I want to read about and not randomly click and hope i'll find it interesting, it makes the navigation on the blog quite awful ://

    but still your writing is helpful and amazing (:

    1. I will see what options I have in the menus sometime soon... I will probably be putting a cloud and tagging system in sometime soon. Thank you for the feedback and I will see what I can rustle up