Monday, April 23, 2012

It's odd...

I don't base my perceptions of myself on anything but my accomplishments and knowledge...

That is, until recently...

I watch a specific performer on youtube (NICE PETER). Nice peter does a short video every Monday called "The Monday Show." (Go figure.)

On the Monday Show, Nice Peter has a segment called "Viewer Mail." I won't explain that... I'm sure you've figured it out already. It DOES have a catchy little tune, though.


A while back, Nice Peter wrote a song called "Superman Socks."

I LOVE THIS SONG! (for your enjoyment, here it is.)

Anyway... After watching the video. I mean, like 5 minutes after... I stumbled across the most amazing product in the entire universe. Something that will change EVERYTHING. This product will make life better and make EVERYONE happy! ESPECIALLY NICE PETER...


BAM! That's right. You're seeing them!!! Those are:


Mother-fucking SUPERMAN SOCKS!

So... I bought a pair... then I sent them to Nice Peter for his viewer mail segment. Peter assures everyone that all of the packages get opened and appreciated, even... ESPECIALLY THOSE THAT DON'T GET SHOWN.

Yet... Every Monday, I watch the Monday show, and I am VERY...I mean VERY disappointed when he doesn't open my package and show it.

I think there is something wrong with me... beyond the obvious and diagnosed things... An internet personality not showing my package... a silly pair of socks in their video should not cause a depressive episode.

Nice Peter... Please open my socks on the Monday Show before my brain melts.

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